2024 Presidential Election Candidates – What we know so far?

2024 Presidential Election Candidates are Donald Trump, Nikky Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Asa Hutchinson, Ron De santis, Chris Christie & Doug Burgum.

2024 Presidential Election Candidates

Republican Candidates are given strong competition to Biden. In the selected candidates there are candidates like Nikkie Haley, Donal Trump and Ramaswamy to compete against other and democrat candidates. 

Due to concerns about the economy and a lack of fervor among the Democratic base. Former President Donald Trump remains the one to beat in the Republican primary. However, Trump’s personal weaknesses are evident.

2024 Presidential Election Candidate List

Candidate list for the 2024 Presidential candidates is selected based on crucial parameters.

Candidates are selected on their contribution for nation and achievements. The former names on the selected candidate list are given below:

  • Donald Trump
  • Nikky Haley
  • Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Asa Hutchinson
  • Ron De santis
  • Chris Christie
  • Doug Burgum

Drop Out Candidates of 2024 Presidential Election

Tim Scott

It will need money and time to raise his national visibility, which is now missing. Along with Haley’s issue running from the same state with a comparable donor pool and geographic strengthIn the South Carolina primary, they may split the vote, providing an opportunity for another contender.

Francis Suarez

Being Cuban-American would be advantageous in a place like Florida, but Suarez might not be as popular in the southwest and other important swing areas, where voters of Mexican heritage are very important. 

Mike Pence

Pence has obvious shortcomings. He is now somewhat of a pariah within the MAGA camp due to his break with Trump, and aside from a small group of white evangelicals, he doesn’t really have a following of his own. In fictitious matchups, he trails the rest of the field significantly despite his national notoriety.

Will Hurd

Being one of two Black males vying for the GOP nomination, he also adds diversity to the race. He gets removed from the list mostly because he does not align with the views of the Trump-supporting GOP. 

2024 Presidential Election Candidates

Presidential Election Republican Candidate 2024

  • Donald Trump A sizable segment of the GOP base supports former President Donald Trump. His participation in inciting the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 can be a challenging point but he has a strong and impressive background.
  • Nikkie Halley is a diversified face in the country and is probably the only one of her kind in the Republican presidential race in 2024. Haley is a less aggressive conservative than Trump or Florida Governor, and she can brag about having worked in the Trump administration.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy is an IT and finance professional, is a new, youthful, diverse face to most Americans. He comes from the business sector, which is generally prized in the GOP primary, and has an excellent educational background.
  • Arkansas’s previous governor, Asa Hutchinson, often has strong administrative experience prior to becoming president. In an attempt to appeal to independents who lean Republican.
  • Ron DeSantis 44 years old candidates while some people considered him having less experience due to his age but he has been leading Trump in a number of state and national surveys over the past several months; although he hasn’t announced his campaign yet, many close to him could think this is the right moment.
  • Chris Christie former federal prosecutor has demonstrated a willingness to take on opponents, including the former president Trump. Should Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s popularity decline further, a space in the non-Trump lane will become available.
  • Doug Burgum is a newcomer to the country with minimal experience. He has reduced taxes, restricted the rights of transgender people.

2024 President Elections Other and Democrat Candidates

Cornel West was nominated from another category while Robert. F Kennedy, Mariana Williamson and Joe Biden are Democrat nominations. 

All the election candidates from democratic, independent and third party gained achievements.

Republican, Democrat and Other candidates hold a strong position so it would be difficult to predict the winning member. 

While powerful candidates like Donal Trump, Chris Christie, Vivek Ramaswamy have given a great contribution to the public.

Doug has reduced taxes, restricted the rights of transgender people. It is anticipated to highlight his small-town upbringing as governor of North Dakota.

It will be difficult to stand out in an already crowded field, especially with other well-known figures blocking off the light.

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