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Indian Army Day 2024, celebrated on January 15 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, commemorates the 76th anniversary of the Indian Army’s first Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa, who took over in 1949, with parades, medal presenting, and ceremonies.

Indian Army Day 2024

The Indian Army is the front-line fighting force that puts its life in danger while defending the country against foreign attacks. Every year on January 15, Indian Army Day is observed to honour the 1949 commissioning of the Indian Army’s first Indian contingent. 

It’s a day to celebrate the bravery, selflessness, and steadfast dedication of the Indian Army to preserving the security of the country. The India Army conducts its yearly Army Day parade on January 15. It will be held in Lucknow this year instead of its customary locations in Delhi and Bengaluru. 

The army’s effort to increase citizen participation includes this change. All six of the army’s operating commands will have the chance to host the parade in an intentional attempt to increase its overall reach.

The Indian Army is attempting to gradually transform into a modern force that will have a new operational philosophy for introducing drones and counter-drones systems throughout infantry, artillery, and armoured battalions.

In addition to bridging other conventional asymmetries, the army will observe 2024 as the “Year of Technology Absorption” and establish Command Cyber Operations Support Wings (CCOSWs).

What will be the Theme of Indian Army Day 2024?

“In Service of the Nation” will be the theme for Indian Army Day in 2024. The Indian Army’s mission to serve the country with steadfast passion, dedication, and professionalism is encapsulated in this theme. It emphasises the unselfish sacrifices made by Indian Army soldiers to preserve the security and ideals of their country.

The subject aligns with the Indian Army’s motto, “Service Before Self,” which prioritises national service over personal pursuits. It emphasises the Indian Army’s unshakable commitment to safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the well-being of its population.

Significance of Celebrating Indian Army Day 2024

Honouring the founding of the Indian Army, the commemoration of Indian Army Day is very important. This day commemorates the 1949 change of leadership of the Indian Army from General Sir Francis Butcher to General K. Cariappa, the first Indian commander-in-chief. 

In the process of Indianizing the Indian Army, this was a significant milestone. The world can see from this alone that India is now self-assured enough to defend its borders against any invasion by other countries. After China, Russia, and the United States, the Indian Army ranks fourth among the world’s armed forces. 

As army members from many origins joined the event and united to establish a single force to lead as a unit, the day also honoured national integration. On this day, the Indian military terminated its colonial era governance and the country was turned over to a newly sovereign nation.

How Indian Army Day 2024 Will be Celebrated?

Indian Army Day inspires young people to think about a future in the armed services and support the protection of their country.

Bhartiya Sena Diwas is another name for it. To honour the bravery and devotion of the Army officers, this day promises to be a great celebration.

  • The main event of the festivities will be a large parade that highlights the might, discipline, and operational preparedness of the Indian Army at the Parade Ground in Lucknow.
  • The troops get gallantry awards and Sena Models like the Vir Chakra and Param Vir Chakra, among others, for their valiant and daring deeds. 
  • On this occasion, the Indian Army Chief salutes the procession. The day is observed in remembrance of the valiant Indian warriors who lost their lives defending their country.
  • Observe the synchronised march past of several regiments, each representing the variety and unity of the Indian Army with its own history and customs.
  • Admire in wonder as fighter planes and helicopters display the Indian Army’s technological and airpower capability via amazing aerial manoeuvres.
  • Take part in a lively cultural spectacle with traditional dances, military history displays, and music.

The occasion promotes respect and understanding between the Indian Army and the civilian populace, strengthening their relationship.

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