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Google finally made available for Google Bard the much-awaited AI image generator yesterday. With this latest release, Google now aligns with AI startups Midjourney and OpenAI, all of which offer robust AI picture generators for sale.

Google AI Image Generator

Google revealed Bard’s AI image-generating skills on Thursday. In order to prevent the production of damaging content, Google stated “We use filters intended to prevent the creation of photographs featuring identifiable individuals.” 

Stated differently, you should not be able to create photos of well-known individuals. The press release added that “Our expenditures in training data security and technology safeguards aim to restrict violent, offensive, or sexually explicit materials”. 

However, digital content manager Russ Silberman could quickly create an image of Taylor Swift consuming a hot dog.

How to use Google AI image Generator? 

The tool’s official Google Opera update page claims that utilizing it is very easy. Just typing “a some words” into the search bar will launch the AI image generator, which will then ” begin with English instructions.” 

After that, “click ‘generate other’ for additional choices and then save the ones you like.” The generated photos can be removed from your Bard Activity by removing the prompt that produced them. They are saved in pinned chats, latest chats, and Bard Activity.

Google AI Images Generator Restrictions 

Bard’s improved Imagen 2 model, which aims to produce lifelike images by balancing speed and quality, powers its image generation. Worldwide, including in the US, the new functionality is accessible with the exception of the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. 

It’s also limited to users who are at least 18 years old and only available in English; however, it’s unclear how Google will uphold this age limitation beyond a simple “Yes” or “No” question.

Why does Google launch an AI Image generator? 

Occasionally, while conducting research for an assignment or subject in Searching, you may find yourself searching for motivation and writing prompts. For longer-running searches, SGE is adding written drafts, which users can edit to shorten or alter the tone. 

This function is intended to assist users in coming up with ideas and inspiration while doing research on subjects or projects. To personalize it, users are able to upload the draft to Gmail or Google Docs. Those who choose to participate in the English SGE experiment will be able to use this new feature as of right now.

Is the Google AI Image Generator Free?

Many AI technologies, such as Speech-to-Text, Natural Language, Cinematic intelligence, and Translating are available for free use on Google Cloud, although they are subject to monthly constraints.

As long as these products are used within the allotted free usage limit, there is no cost. The free usage cap is susceptible to modification but does not have an expiration date. The Google AI image generator is fully free of cost. 

You will be able to generate your own content by using Google AI image generator. It makes the picture more beautiful and clear the resolution. 

What do you need to generate an image from the Google AI image generator? 

Below are the listed things or details that you must have to generate images from the Google AI image generator. 

  • You must have a smartphone. 
  • You have a Version most recent of the Google app. You can get it from the Google Play Store.
  • You have to be at least eighteen.
  • You must have a great idea to create a great image from Google AI image generator. 
  • You have an Individual Google account that you are in charge of. As of right moment, Google Workspace accounts including Google Workplace for Education accounts cannot access Search Labs or its experiments.

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