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Earlier to check your EPF passbook claim status you need to spend time on endless phone calls and waiting for mail to check on your EPF claim. You may check the step-by-step instructions from the below to track status online.

EPF Passbook Claim Status

EPF serves as a vital source of financial security for millions of Indian workers. It diligently accumulates your contributions throughout your career, providing a safety net upon retirement or unforeseen circumstances. 

Previously, checking your EPF claim status involved contacting your regional EPF office or relying on claim settlement letters. However, with the introduction of the Universal Account Number (UAN), the process has become significantly streamlined and accessible.

How to check the EPF Passbook Claim Status online?

Steps to check your Claim Status using the EPF Passbook:

  • Visit the EPF website at https://epfindia.gov.in/.
  • Click on “Online Services”
  • Select “Member Login”
  • Enter your UAN number and password
  • Click on “Sign In”
  • On the next page, click on “View” in the top menu bar
  • Choose “Passbook” from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your UAN number, password, and the CAPTCHA code
  • Click on “Sign In”
  • Choose the appropriate Member ID from the list
  • This option will appear after selecting the Member ID
  • The “View Claim Status” page will display the status of your claim, including details like:
    • Date of submission
    • Current stage of processing
    • Any pending actions required

Important Notes:

  • This facility is available only for members registered on the Unified Member Portal.
  • The passbook becomes accessible after 6 hours of registration on the UMP.
  • Changes made in the UMP may take up to 6 hours to reflect in the Passbook portal.
  • The Passbook displays entries reconciled at EPFO field offices.
  • Exempted Establishments Members cannot access the Passbook facility.

EPF Passbook Claim Status

What does the EPF Claim Status mean?

Different EPF claim statuses you might encounter, learn the meaning of each from below.


  • This means your claim application has been successfully received by the EPFO.
  • They are now aware of your intent to withdraw funds and have begun the processing journey.
  • No further action is required from you at this stage.

Under Process:

  • Your claim is currently undergoing verification.
  • The EPFO is meticulously reviewing your submitted documents, claim details, and employment history to ensure accuracy and eligibility.
  • This phase might involve cross-checking with your employer for confirmation.
  • Patience is key during this stage, as it can take a few days or even weeks depending on the complexity of your case and current workload at the EPFO office.

Payment Dispatched:

  • Your claim has been approved and the funds are on their way to your designated bank account.
  • The EPFO has initiated the transfer of the approved claim amount.
  • It usually takes a few business days for the money to reflect in your bank account.

Payment Credited:

  • This is the most awaited status. The claim amount has successfully been deposited into your bank account.
  • You can now access and utilise your funds as needed.


  • Unfortunately, your claim has been rejected.
  • The EPFO will provide a specific reason for the disapproval, which could range from incomplete documents,incorrect information, or ineligibility based on their regulations.

What if your EPF status is showing under process?

Detailed guide on what to do when your PF Claim Status is “Under Process”:

Exercise Patience:

  • In most cases, the “Under Process” status simply means the EPFO is meticulously reviewing your claim details and documents to ensure accuracy and eligibility
  • It’s generally recommended to allow adequate time for the process to unfold without unnecessary intervention.

Track Progress Regularly:

  • Stay informed by regularly checking your claim status through the EPFO passbook or SMS/missed call facilities.

Initiate a Grievance If Necessary:

  • If you’ve exercised patience and the claim remains “Under Process” for an extended period (typically over 30 days) or if you have specific concerns about the delay, you can initiate a grievance through the EPFiGMS portal:
    • Visit the EPFiGMS Portal: Go to https://epfigms.gov.in.
    • Register Grievance: Click on the “Register Grievance” option at the top of the page.
    • Provide Details: Fill in the required information, including your UAN,name, contact details, and a clear description of your grievance.Attach any relevant documents if applicable.
    • Submit Grievance: Click on “Submit” to register your complaint.
  • Upon submitting a grievance, you’ll receive an acknowledgement with a unique grievance number.

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