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The Ease of Living Index is like a report card for cities in India. It tells us how good or comfortable it is to live in different cities. It considers things like education, cleanliness, safety, and more. In the latest report, Bangalore, Pune, and Ahmedabad were some of the top cities for people to live in if the population is over 1 million with the score of 66.7, 66.27, and 64.87, respectively. To learn more about it, stay tuned.

Ease of Living Index 2023

The Ease of Living Index includes numerous components called the citizen perception survey, which covers 49 different elements such as education, cleanliness, health, water supply, safety, security, environment, transportation, and more. Everyone needs a comfortable love situation, whether one residing in a city, as per the recently conducted survey by the Ministry of Rural Development, the top cities in India for ease of living with a population of over and less than 1 million are as follows.

For cities with a population of over 1 million:

  1. Bangalore: 66.7

  2. Pune: 66.27

  3. Ahmedabad: 64.87

  4. Chennai: 62.21

  5. Surat: 61.73

  6. Navi Mumbai: 61.6

  7. Coimbatore: 59.72

  8. Vadodara: 59.24

  9. Indore: 58.58

  10. Greater Mumbai: 58.23

For cities with a population of less than 1 million:

  1. Shimla: 60.9

  2. Bhubaneswar: 59.85

  3. Silvassa: 58.43

  4. Kakinada: 56.38

  5. Salem: 56.38

  6. Vellore: 56.38

  7. Gandhinagar: 60.9

  8. Gurugram: 56

  9. Davangree: 55.25

  10. Tiruchirappalli: 55.24

These figures represent the scores of these cities in the Ease of Living Index, indicating how they rank in terms of quality of life and urban development.

Note: Some private organisations also conduct surveys to evaluate the Ease of Living Index in India, and their score may be different from those mentioned above. The figures that we have shared above are made public by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, which is why it is most trusted.

What is the use of the Ease of Living Index India 2023?

The information collected from this assessment is used by the government or the concerned departments to identify areas that require improvement, seize opportunities, enhance local governance, and improve the lives of residents. Basically, the Ease of Living Index is used by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India to assess the quality of life and the impact of urban development initiatives in cities across India.

The index evaluates cities based on their quality of life, economic ability, sustainability, and resilience. In 2023, 111 cities participated in the assessment, with Bangalore and Shimla ranking at the top for the cities with a population of over and less than 1 million, respectively. The survey’s result plays a great role in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of cities, enabling local governments to improve services and infrastructure.

How’s the India Ease of Living Index 2023 prepared?

In India, the Ease of Living Index for the year 2023 is prepared by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, as per the following criteria:

  • Data is collected for the participant cities.

  • Cities are divided into big and small as per their population.

  • People rate city life in areas like education, cleanliness, and in many other terms.

  • Scores are given to cities based on these ratings.

  • The city with the highest score is ranked the best place to live.

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