Coca Cola Christmas Tour Dates 2023 – Schedule & Venue, Stops in UK

Coca Cola Christmas tour dates have been confirmed and it is starting from Ireland and North Ireland, it is already started from 24 November and all set to reach Belfast on 10 December

Coca Cola Christmas Tour Dates 

The ‘Holidays Are Coming’ Coca-Cola commercial on TV, and that iconic truck will continue throughout the UK for a further year. Coca-cola christmas tour dates and schedule is out now and it is starting from 24 November 2023.

It will return in 2023 and cruise the nation to spread magic as Christmas Day draws near. For several years now, the event has been a great success, and residents eagerly await word of when the truck will arrive in their neighborhood.

Ireland and North Ireland dates are confirmed, and England and Wales stops will be declared soon.

Coca Cola Christmas Tour Schedule and Venue 2023

Historically, Coca-Cola has made announcements about the locations of its truck tours as they happen. For instance, they will disclose their next destination once they have reached one location. 

Christmas card deadlines are announced together with the distribution of seasonal stamps by Royal Mail.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour is currently only scheduled to take place in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  • Glasgow: November 24, Friday – Venue: Silverburn Shopping Center
  • Saturday, November 25, Edinburgh – Venue: Fort Kinnaird Shopping Center
  • Dublin: November 30-December 3 – Venue: Dublin’s RDS Simmonscourt
  • Belfast: December 8–10Venue: Belfast’s Titanic Slipway – Time: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

 Coca Cola Truck Tour Stops in the UK 2023

It has already been announced by Coca-Cola that the truck will make a return trip for its twelfth tour around Christmas 2023. There will be 17 stops in the UK among them most of the stops are the same as the previous year while there are 8 new stops in 2023.

Initially, it has confirmed dates of Ireland and the rest date will also be announced soon while it is anticipated that it will end on 10 December but there are chances to extend the dates also. Typically, the trip begins in late November and concludes in mid-December.  

Coca-Cola has said that this year’s trip will be the ultimate Christmas party, offering visitors a range of experiences to enjoy as they visit the recognizable truck.

Coca Cola Truck Tickets 2023

Seeing the Coca-Cola Truck is free of charge, and all you have to do is show up at the designated location and time in England, Scotland, and Wales with a booked ticket.

However, it should come as no surprise that the truck draws a lot of people, so there may be a queue.  This year, however, tickets are needed for the stops in Belfast and Dublin; the price of each ticket is set at €3.14 for Belfast and €2 for Charity.

Coca-Cola will be sponsoring the charity Neighbourly during the tour, which helps out local communities and encourages people to help those in need. 

This Christmas, those who want to make a difference can donate to the Neighbourly Foundation online or by scanning the QR code at the Truck Tour.

Coca-Cola Truck Tour Activities 2023

Additionally, there will be an opportunity to visit the Ho-Ho-Hoop hut and take part in a game for a chance to win a variety of prizes, such as recycled Christmas tree decorations and meal-inspired incentives.

There will be a ton of engaging events along the way for guests to fully enjoy the holiday cheer. A walk-in snow-filled bauble will greet visitors and entice families to enter a winter wonderland for the ideal family photo.

What is free on a Coca Cola Truck?

Coca Cola Truck will also share free coke samples just like previous years and this year people can also participate in charity using the QR code. 

You can spot the truck for free of cost and in some locations it is completely free of cost for the visitors while in some locations there are charges and you need to buy a ticket.

Ireland visitors have to buy tickets to visit the Coca Cola Truck while England and Wales dates will be out later. They can buy tickets from Eventbrite.

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